Dr Adrián Gaitán, Ph.D.,Psy.D.,BCIA

Dr. Gaitán is a Psychologist specializing in Clinical Psychology and an expert on Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Training Protocols.

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 Who Is Dr. Gaitán?

  • Neurofeedback Specialist
  • Brain Mapping Specialist
  • EMDR therapist
  • Training Protocol Specialist
  • Instructor of the EEG Neurofeedback Training Institute (IFEN) in Munich, Germany
  • Devoted Husband and Father

Is Dr. Gaitán A Neurofeedback Specialist?

Yes, Dr. Gaitán is a Neurofeedback Specialist. Dr. Gaitán is a Psychologist specializing in Clinical Psychology and an expert on Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback. He is trained as an EMDR therapist and is the Supervisor of clinics in Neurotherapy in Spain and an Instructor of the EEG Neurofeedback Training Institute (IFEN) in Munich, Germany.

Also, Dr. Gaitán worked as the Director of the first group of clinics specializing in Neurofeedback in Andalusia. Pioneers and specialists have trained Dr. Gaitan in the field of QEEG and Neurofeedback, such as Dr. Joel Lubar, Dr. Freddy Starr, Penijean Gracefire, Mark Smith, Thomas Collura, and Santiago Brand.

Dr. Gaitán is currently supervising the execution of the neurofeedback sessions, interpreting the results of the QEEG mappings, developing neurofeedback training protocols with the Myneurva team.

To learn more about neurofeedback please read the article; What Is Neurofeedback.

How Long Has Dr. Gaitán Been Working In The Field Of Neurofeedback?

Dr. Gaitán has been working in the field of Neurofeedback since 2013. 

Why Is Dr. Gaitán Passionate About Neurofeedback?

When Dr. Gaitán was completing his residency as a Clinical Psychologist, he started to realize the importance of the brain and the many implications of neuropsychology in the field of Psychiatry.

He started to imagine that treating directly and precisely the brain would have profound clinical effects beyond the produced by psychotherapy and pharmacology.

The discovery of neurofeedback fit completely with what he was dreaming about: the possibility of influencing on mental health assessing and training the brain.

Where did Dr. Gaitán Go To School?

October 2011 – June 2013: Master in Health Psychology. University of Sevilla, Spain
May 2008 – May 2011: Clinical Psychology Residency. Hospital de Terrasa, Barcelona, Spain
October 2000 – June 2006: Bachelor in Psychology, University of Sevilla, Spain

What Are Dr. Gaitán’s Qualifications?

Dr. Gaitán has his Bachelor in Psychology by the University of Sevilla Spain. He has completed a residency as a Clinical Psychologist, and has a Master in Health Psychology. He has also completed EMDR training level I and II. Adrian Gaitán has been mentored in Neurofeedback by Dr. Starr, Joel Lubar, John Demos, Penijean Gracefire, Mike Cohen and Santiago Brand.

Does Dr. Gaitán have A Family?

Yes, Dr. Gaitán lives with his wife and one baby in Cadiz, Spain. He speaks Spanish, English and Catalan; and studies programming and data science. In his spare time, he enjoy reading about entrepreneurship and science.

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