Benefits Of Neurofeedback With Myneurva

Your Neurofeedback Benefits For Choosing Myneurva

Myneurva Feature: Myneurva Is Lead By Trained Medical Professionals

Myneurva’s team, led by Dr. Starr, consists of mental health professionals with a doctorate education level with decades of experience in Neurofeedback. PTSD, ADHD, General Anxiety Disorder and most other mental disorders are serious. You want medical health professionals leading your rehabilitation.

Dr. Starr is the founder of Myneurva Holdings, DE, and the inventor of a patented system and method to collect and analyze EEG. This system was issued and awarded the U.S. Patent 10,863,912 on December 15, 2020. This distinguished U.S. patent for QEEG and AI software interprets brain maps in a revolutionary manner. This assists you by providing the most accurate determination of what may be wrong with your brain.

Myneurva´s Brain Tuner team is trained to use neurofeedback equipment and programs to provide neurofeedback services worldwide.

In addition to our combined century of neurofeedback experience, the team at Myneurva is pioneering the use of comparative analysis of EEG Neuro-endophenotypes within the field of remote-guided QEEG Neurofeedback. We can match an EEG to our clustered database of thousands of EEGs to determine where the abnormality in the brain is located and how it might cause the complaints you have. This ability allows us to pinpoint the specific best-fit neurofeedback training and rehabilitation program tailored specifically to your brain.

Benefit To You: Professional Level Mental Health Care

As the field of Neurofeedback is not regulated, there are many competing businesses offering QEEGs and treatments with various untested technologies, and these businesses may have no trained mental health professionals at all.

Your brain health can improve under the direction and care of Myneurva’s trained mental health professionals.

The most common method used by Myneurva of receiving feedback is by using a dimmer on the monitor display as you watch your favorite show or movie. When your brain produces favorable brainwaves, musical tones will sound, and the screen will become brighter. And, when your brain produces unfavorable brainwave patterns, the monitor will dim or disappear. This process gives your brain instantaneous feedback about its performance during the training session. Each session, you can notice your brain getting stronger, dealing with stress, and having more stamina. As we like to say at Myneurva, “How is your brain feeling today?

Your brain begins to learn what it needs to do to make your computer screen bright and see the video displayed subconsciously. It begins to produce more of the helpful type of brain wave patterns and less of those related to the addressing symptoms. With practice, your brain adapts new patterns. Desirable neuronal pathways are strengthened, and new pathways are created.

As your brain learns what it needs to do to make your computer screen active and see the video displayed, the Myneurva Practitioner gradually makes the goals a bit more challenging – to challenge your brain to do even better. It is imperative to work with trained medical professionals and practitioners when treating mental health disorders. You can rest assured that you are in the best care possible when choosing Dr. Starr and his team at Myneurva.

Myneurva Feature: Global Leader in Neurofeedback At Home

Myneurva is the global leader in Neurofeedback at home. In fact, we pioneered remote neurofeedback in 2005. Myneurva is led by medical professionals who are board-certified in Neurofeedback.

Myneurva uses advanced neurofeedback hardware, including a 19 sensor electro cap, to gain the most accurate measurements and provide the most effective treatments available. Myneurva will continue to monitor your mental health with post-treatment care.

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Benefit To You: Most Comprehensive Training and Rehabilitation

When you choose Myneurva, you are choosing to work with the global leader in remote Neurofeedback.

Myneurva uses advanced, proprietary-patented technology, ensuring that you will receive the most accurate QEEGs and the most comprehensive training and rehabilitation protocols in an efficient therapy experience.

With all of the stressors bombarding us daily, environmentally and personally, personal wellness and self-development have become paramount to an individual’s happiness and success.

Consider this; the brain is the organ that we ask the most of from our body. Our brains need some additional care from time to time.

We exercise and diet to rehabilitate most other aspects of our lives and bodies. Still, few of us take the time to strengthen our brain’s neuroplasticity actively. The brain is an incredible organ, and neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change neural networks through growth and reorganization. This is what Myneurva offers, a way for you to work on your brain’s strength, acuity, and cognitive ability, all from the comfort of your home.

Myneurva Feature: Patented ANNA Artificial Intelligence

Myneurva is the global leader of direct-to-client bespoke remote neurofeedback and brain mapping. Myneurva now operates in more than 25 countries via cloud-operations and our patented ANNA AI interface.

Your scan is compared to a large dataset of EEGs who have been diagnosed with specific mental illnesses and have similar complaints. This ability allows Myneurva to compare your brain to other similar brains and determine how best to use Neurofeedback to help your brain.

Benefit To You: Highly Accurate Training and Rehabilitation Protocols

With the aid of a trained professional, ANNA provides detailed information about your brain. It suggests possible ways to improve your brain. The incorporation of state-of-the-art tools, like ANNA, allows Myneurva to provide specialized care for individuals suffering from brain-related issues, including, but not limited to, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Myneurva helps their clients achieve their highest performance level by offering a complete remote neurofeedback clinical care process to all clients.

Myneurva Feature: Advanced Neurofeedback Equipment

Dr. Starr and his team have been leading and innovating computational analysis science and the application to psychiatric disorder diagnosis from QEEG brain scans for over 25 years. Dr. Starr has been sighted many times as a founder and pioneer within the field of Remoted-Guided QEEG Feedback. Myneurva does not produce equipment and has no reason to use one device manufacturer over another. Many of the device manufacturers try to control the market by also offering treatment and education. Myneurva finds this to be unethical. We use the best equipment and training protocols to reach all of our clients’ specific needs.

Benefit To You: Accurate QEEG Brain Scans and Efficient Training Protocols

Through Myneurva’s patented and proprietary AI Software – ANNA – Myneurva can interface with and deliver top-tier bespoke Neurofeedback services directly to our clients in the privacy and security of your home or office. Working through cloud-based web technology, Myneurva’s Brain Tuners delivers a concierge experience built just for you. Brain Tuners welcome you to your session, verify your cap is placed properly, load your Neurofeedback Protocol, and help you decide which video you would like to watch during your training session. Once you are situated, your Neuropractor is called in to run your session.

Myneurva Feature: Post-Care Follow-up

Myneurva’s commitment to improving your mental health starts with your initial QEEG and continues long after your training is complete. In addition to the initial QEEG, most clients begin NF treatment with a 20-session package. Clients receive a second QEEG after the 10th session to monitor progress and ensure successful training goals.

During the second QEEG, clients meet with our trained professionals to evaluate their treatment plan. Our trained team makes protocols and makes any adjustments. Clients continue NF treatment and receive a final QEEG after session number 20. Each QEEG receives a client call to discuss the success and redefine goals. The comparison and tracking of the QEEG are personalized for all clients and is standard practice at Myneurva.

We continue to check-in with clients every six months to be sure how clients feel, and we are available for our clients if there are any post-treatment questions or concerns.

Benefit To You: Long-Term Success

Neurofeedback teaches self-control of brain functions by measuring brain waves and providing a feedback signal. It is important to note that NF is not a new concept. It has been studied by researchers for several decades and is a method that assists subjects to consciously control their brain waves. Myneurva´s clients experience long-term success by learning tools to monitor and to maintain improved mental health.

Reach Your Peak Potential With Myneurva

Neurofeedback helps you to reach your peak potential. You will see first hand how your brain responds with every session.