Take The Magic Out Of EEG Interpretation

Advanced Neural Network Analysis

ANNA stands for Advanced Neural Network Analysis. She is the only US Patented Machine Learning EEG assistant of her kind. When Dr. Starr first started obtaining EEG, he meticulously categorized each EEG using subjective analysis, laboratory findings, and structured psychiatric diagnostic testing.

The ANNA project was officially launched in 2014 and, on December 15, 2020, was awarded and issued U.S. Patent No.10,863,912. This U.S. Patent bolsters Myneurva’s position as the global pioneer in Remote Neurofeedback and EEG Analysis

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Neurofeedback QEEG

How Does ANNA Work?

ANNA uses a sophisticated machine learning protocol called Zero-Shot learning, which takes advantage of smaller datasets to cluster the EEG’s structural components to identify specific Neuro-endophenotypes associated with specific symptom complaints.

ANNA does not think about psychiatric disorders. She thinks in terms of patterns and sets of complaints.

ANNA clusters each group in terms of symptoms and networks, weighting each finding according to a cluster’s statistical robustness. ANNA tracks individual clients and determines if specific interventions produce demonstrable results.

ANNA Is Constantly Learning

EEG data is obtained by the on-site clinician or remotely by MYNEURVA staff and uploaded to the cloud-based server. The data is then clustered using a patent-awarded system to store subjective and objective EEG findings anonymously.

What Does ANNA Do?

ANNA makes predictions that are either accepted or rejected by the expert reviewer.

ANNA analyzes the data and offers suggestions on potential diagnostic and prognostic considerations, additional testing to be considered, medication and supplements that have benefited previous individuals, and training suggestions for Computer-Assisted Cognitive Rehabilitation (EEG-Operant Conditioning).

ANNA creates reports for review with the neurofeedback client. Clients return for their repeat scan to determine the efficacy of a recommended intervention.

ANNA produces actionable reports that enhance decision making and guides Computer-Assisted Cognitive Rehabilitation.

Whether you are doing neurofeedback at home, or in the clinical setting, ANNA takes the magic out of EEG Interpretation.

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