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Written By: Dr. Starr

Dr. Starr is a medical doctor, psychiatrist and computational neuroscientist who has been active in Brain-Computer Interface and Neurofeedback since 1990.
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Are you looking to select a neurofeedback provider? Below please find some of the more common questions you may want to ask when selecting a neurofeedback provider.

What Neurofeedback experience does the provider have?

How many years of experience do they have in neurofeedback and Remote Neurofeedback training? Dr. Starr is a trained Neurofeedback Provider with over 20 years of experience, and is the originator of Remote Neurofeedback.

What mental health experience does the provider have?

Dr. Starr is trained as a Medical Doctor and a Psychiatrist with over 20 years of mental health experience.

What type of system is the provider using? Is the Neurofeedback system FDA approved? There are many unregulated systems on the market which do not offer the clinic quality EEG signals. Myneurva uses only FDA approved Neurofeedback Equipment. 

What type of evaluation are they offering?

One size does not fit all. The only way to know what type of Neurofeedback someone needs is by obtaining a Brainscan (QEEG). The QEEG also allows a comparison of the before and after results of Neurofeedback therapy. Myneurva checks the brainwaves of each individual and designs a specific protocol based on their complaints and the areas of the brain that are affected.

What type of Neurofeedback training are they using?

Most Remote Neurofeedback providers are not monitoring each session individually and are merely sending the client a system for them to use on their own. At Myneurva, we provide a clinic-like experience in which each of our sessions are monitored and controlled by a live clinician.

Do you prefer home neurofeedback or neurofeedback in a clinic?

You can do neurofeedback at home. This is a comfortable and convenient way to receive your neurofeedback training as you work toward improving your mental health. All you require is a good internet connection and Myneurva will take care of everything including operating the neurofeedback system remotely. Some people may prefer to go to a neurofeedback clinic, and depending on where you live, this may or may not be a viable option. If you are seeking neurofeedback in a clinic the questions above, about how to select a neurofeedback provider are all relevant.

What makes Myneurva a leader in remote Neurofeedback ?

Myneurva’s combination of Medical and Mental Health experts, trained neurofeedback clinicians, FDA approved equipment, Clinical Care in each session, and advanced QEEG analysis using patented artificial intelligence make Myneurva a global leader in remote neurofeedback therapy.