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Written By: Dr. Starr

Dr. Starr is a medical doctor, psychiatrist and computational neuroscientist who has been active in Brain-Computer Interface and Neurofeedback since 1990.
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United States Patent Number 10,863,912

A system and method for analyzing electroencephalogram signals

Myneurva and Dr. Frederick Starr hold 2 United States Patents, and have 3 United States Pending Patents in the area of artificial intelligence, brain-computer interface and electroencephalograms (Brainwaves).

This invention (United States Patent Number 10,863,912) is called A.N.N.A., which stands for Advanced Neural Network Analysis.

A.N.N.A is a system and method to sample brainwave activity through the internet using painless non-invasive sensors against the scalp which monitor and record the biological activity of the brain cells.

Utilizing cloud computing infrastructure, and advanced AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms developed by Dr. Starr and his team, A.N.N.A. can examine brainwave activity patterns and compare them to thousands of other brainwave patterns within seconds.

A.N.N.A. can then determine what specific issues are most commonly present. With this information, ANNA can then recommend evidence-based treatment protocols for the best outcome and reduce the guess-work in Neurofeedback and EEG analysis.

The registered patent can be viewed here