Already Collecting EEG Data?

Increase your client care and offer an enhanced level of client diagnosis and rehab with Myneurva

Did You Know You Can Add BEAM Today?

If you are already getting electroencephalographic data for various clinical profiles, it is likely you can maximize that data by additional analysis using sophisticated statistical measures compared to known EEG phenotypes related to specific disease states.

Send in your data and receive your unique report to add to your client’s data. Every unique report contains your client’s subjective data, raw analysis of EEG power and connectivity using an FDA compliant Z-Score Database, potential symptom sets based on a robust database with machine learning algorithms.

Image Of Severity Scale Neurofeedback Report

Who Does Myneurva Work For?

MYNEURVA works for any medical or health practice already getting EEG or QEEG such as MDs, Primary Care Settings, Sleep Centers, Pain Clinics, Neurology Practice, and Psychiatrists.

How Does This Benefit Each Client?

We live in an information age where clients are plugged into their health data. Many are aware of recent advances in Neuroscience during the decade of The Brain Initiative and want to know more about the organ between their ears. It is not a black box anymore.

There are thousands of published articles on the use of EEG in functional brain mapping, and BEAM has been accepted in multiple legal jurisdictions as valid information in supporting the analysis of head injury.

Client’s gain useful information about strengths and weakness, potential for specific Neuropsychiatric disorders, overall comparisons with expected normal functioning for age.

The BEAM gives actionable information in a timely fashion and assists with client analysis and management.

Image of a Neurofeedback Technician Patient

Access The Myneurva Team

Mynuerva offers your practice the comfort of having access to a Clinical Neuroscientist, without needed this resource in a full-time capacity and without the associated full-time costs.
Image Of Neurofeedback At Home With Family

What Can Myneurva Assist With Identifying?

  • Mood Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • ADHD
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Identification and Differentiation of Dementia
  • Quantifying Cerebral Vascular Events and documenting over time
  • Determining drug or supplement regimen efficacy
  • Traumatic Brain Injury using multiple analyses.
  • Developmental Disorders
  • Attention and Concentration Issues
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Presence and Degree of Pain (through third-party analysis)
  • Improved clinical decision-making opportunities