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Advances in the Internet and Neurofeedback equipment allow clients to receive Neurofeedback at home, from anywhere in the world.

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Can You Do Neurofeedback At Home?

Can You Do Neurofeedback At Home?

Yes, you can do neurofeedback at home. Advances in the internet and neurofeedback equipment now allow clients to receive neurofeedback remotely from anywhere in the world.

Neurofeedback teaches self-control of brain functions by measuring brain waves and providing a feedback signalTo learn more about neurofeedback, please read the article; What Is Neurofeedback.

During a home brain training session, clients connect with Myneurva Brain Tuners in real time, using remote meeting technology and advanced software.

Image of a session of neurofeedback at home.

During your home neurofeedback sessions, you will connect with Myneurva professionals, remotely.

Clients receive a neurofeedback system in the mail, which includes your own EEG cap with 19 sensors, a laptop, gel and applicators, and an EEG amplifier. 

During your first remote neurofeedback (eeg biofeedback) session, your Brain Tuner meets with you through a remote meeting, in real time, and guides you through the process of putting on your electro cap.

The Brain Tuner guides you during this process to connect the cap to the amplifier and computer, and you make the first recording (eeg) of your brainwave activity showing your brain health.

This first reading of your brain scan is called a QEEG and is the baseline used by the NeuroPractors to write protocols for your neurofeedback brain training. Electrical brain activity is recorded in neural pathways from the sensors on your cap, first with eyes closed and then with eyes open, as you sit comfortably in your home or at your office.

The QEEG (brain map) is the first step, and the team at Myneurva uses this data as the client’s baseline for their brain training. Once you have finalized your brain training schedule with your Brain Tuner, you prepare for your session 15 minutes before your start time. This time is when you turn on your laptop, put on your cap, and apply the gel. The Brain Tuner then joins you in Zoom to ensure your cap and connection are working correctly, and you begin your neurofeedback therapy.

The sessions are typically one hour. During the hour, you participate in thirty minutes of an eyes-open session and thirty minutes of an eyes-closed session. All equipment needed comes in your suitcase, and all sessions are run automatically by the Brain Tuner. You can easily transport your Myneurva NF suitcase with you if you need to travel or attend a session at a different location.

QEEG Brain Map Before Neurofeedback - ADHD Client

Image of a QEEG brain scan before neurofeedback treatment.

A QEEG analysis and visual representation of an ADHD Brain scan.

What Equipment Is Needed?

You will not have to worry about anything. Myneurva will send you a neurofeedback system. The neurofeedback system includes the computer, gel, a cap, amplifier, cables, ear clips, and applicator gel. As long as you have a comfortable chair and wifi, you will be all set.

What Is The Process For Home Neurofeedback?

Step 1. Before Your Brain Training Begins

You will have a 30-minute consultation with the NeuroPractor to discuss if NF is the best treatment for you. When you have finalized your treatment plan, you will receive an invoice and intake forms. Once you have received the equipment, we will discuss your daily availability and confirm your training schedule.

Step 2. Your Initial QEEG (Brain Scan)

This first reading of your brain scan is called a QEEG and is the baseline used by the NeuroPractors to write protocols for your training sessions. While you sit comfortably at home (or at your office), electrical activity is recorded simultaneously at all 19 sensors on your cap, first with eyes closed and then with eyes open.

Click to learn the difference between an EEG and a QEEG!

The QEEG reading is the first step, and the team at Myneurva uses this data as the client’s baseline for training. EEG Data is then loaded into our Patented EEG Reading Software called Advanced Neuro Network Analysis (ANNA), who assists our Experts in matching your brainwaves to others we have scanned to determine what issues in the brain may need to be improved.

Step 3. Discuss With Your Neurofeedback Expert

In your first neurofeedback training session, one of our Myneurva Neuropractors will review your scan and training and rehabilitation protocols.

Myneurva’s Neuropractors consist of medical doctors, and psychologists who have extensive experience in the field of Neurofeedback.

Step 4. Begin your Training

Your sessions are scheduled in advance and attended by a Braintuner and Neuropractor. During the first part of the training, you get to watch a video of your choice. Myneurva has hundreds of hours of videos to choose from, but we can also get you whatever you would like to watch.

Step 5. Attend your first 10 sessions of Neurofeedback

It is typical to begin noticing results by session seven, although some people notice results faster. Once you have reached session 10, another EEG is recorded to be checked for changes.

Step 6. Attend Sessions 11-20

In session eleven, the new results are reviewed with your Neuropractor and a new training and rehabilitation protocol is loaded. The next set of sessions proceeds as the first ten with each session getting progressively more difficult. In session 20, a third EEG is recorded for analysis.

Step 7. Review and Compare

After the training sessions, you are scheduled to review with your Neuropractor, where you compare the changes in your brain from the first session to the last. If needed, follow booster sessions may be recommended.

After 20 sessions, most individuals have completed their neurofeedback training and we ship our Brainstation back to Myneurva Logistics Headquarters.

QEEG Brain Map After Neurofeedback - ADHD Client

Image of an ADHD Brain Scan after neurofeedback

QEEG or Brain Scan of ADHD client after neurofeedback therapy

Home Neurofeedback Tips 

You cannot have styling products in your hair because you will apply the gel, and products could stop the connection. You cannot wear earrings during training sessions. Be sure to be capped and ready 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment, so if any problems arise, this will not affect the time needed for your training session. That’s it, you are ready to begin your home neurofeedback training to improve your mental health.

Reach Your Peak Potential With Myneurva

Neurofeedback helps you to reach your peak potential. You will see first hand how your brain responds with every session.